When natural medicines meet technology

For a better future, we shall be able to keep the best of our ancient knowledge and use it with the best of our modern technologies.

All in one

You do not need to go accross several apps anymore. With Nutryoo find all you need to know about food in the same app.

Nutritional data

Calories, carbs, proteins, fat, water, fibers, vitamins, minerals, omega, cholesterol level, glycemic index and acid-alkaline balance (pH).

Chinese medicine

Main features: target organs (meridians), nature and flavor.

Healing actions

Functions on human body and list of symptoms it helps to cure.


Main contraindications for: pregnancy, breast feeding, cancer, diabete, allergies. Other contraindications, side effects and allergic reactions.

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Natural remedies

According to your symptoms you should be able to find how to help your body to cure yourself naturally. Nutryoo gives you the opportunity to search either by list or by categories, among hundreds of symptoms, and find the natural remedies that are appropriate.

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Food that helps

Deficiencies in nutrients can cause chronic and severe diseases. By adding or promoting some foods in your diet, you bring to your body what it is claiming for.

Food to avoid

Some diseases are due to the over consumption of certain foods. By eating less of these foods, you can really improve your health and even stop some symptoms.

Food supplements

Sometime the nutrients that are contained in food are not sufficient. By taking the right supplements, you increase your chances of a quicker recovery.

Nutrients information

Millions of persons are taking food supplements everyday, but do they really know their impact on human body? With Nutryoo you will understand the actions of essential nutrients and also where to find them naturally.


Vitamins are essential for the normal growth and development of our organism. They are mostly present in fruits and vegetables which we are not consuming enough. Nutryoo can help you to check if you have any deficiency.


Minerals are required by the body in small amounts. The ones required in smallest quantities are called trace elements. Nutryoo will allow you to get more information about essential minerals and trace elements.


Omega are part of the essential fatty acids. Omega 3 and omega 6 are polyunsaturated fats while omega 9 are monounsaturated fats. Nutryoo will give you details about each type of omega and their influence on body.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to pay a monthly fee to use Nutryoo app?

No, Nutryoo app will not ask you to register or pay any monthly fee to use it. You just need to download it once from the App Store.

Why do some foods have no vitamins or minerals mentioned in their features?

The vitamins, minerals and fatty acids are mentioned in the food features only if they are contained in food in a significant amount.

How to use the multiple search?

The multiple search has been developped to find foods to help you to create your own diet. For exemple, if you have stomach issues you may need to select alkalinising foods. If you have vision disorders, you may need to select foods that target the liver. If you have both, you can select the two options and get the list of corresponding foods. If you select too many options, you may have no results.

Which symptoms are included in Nutryoo?

Most of the common symptoms for which you can find natural remedies are included. Some specific symptoms are used as contraindication and therefore may display only the food to avoid.

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